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Testimonials from Parents

“Just a note to tell you how much I love your Music Together class. I love the flow you create, and the innovative experiences, and the way you make each kid feel recognized and special. I was very grateful for the lesson about the time signature in the Daddy waltz---had been unconsciously struggling a little with that at home until you made it clear in class. Now I love that little catch step! You do such a beautiful job making intricate musical concepts accessible." - K. D'Aurelio

"Miss Jill provides an interactive music experience for the youngest learner s in a safe, loving, and FUN environment." - Anne Dutro

"Ms. Jill is warm, welcoming, playful, and she conveys a genuine delight in children of all ages. Her classes have structure — to help children feel comfortable — but is also creative and flexible, staying attentive to the group's energy and needs. She makes music and rhythm fun, for both the children and their grownups. Within weeks of starting class with my one year old, I noticed an increase in the amount of humming and singing he did. He loves listening to the CDs, and we have fun clapping out rhythms and adding silly words to the Music Together songs. Music class is a special time for just he and I, and it's a wonderful way to enrich his world." - Lisa Applegate

“We really enjoy Music Together®. You can tell my daughter is happy by the permanent smile on her face. Thanks for the musical memories!”

“I want to thank you for the wonderful Music Together® classes my daughter and I attended this past year. Your enthusiasm, beautiful voice and encouragement to get us all involved made the classes special.”

“We loved the class - thanks!
Can’t wait for the new session.”